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Greg Walker is a #1 Best Selling Author of "Dream To Grow Rich" How to DREAM~GRIND~HUSTLE Your Way To Success! Greg is a Highly sought after speaker. Greg has spoken to Fortune 500 Companies to Professional Athletes. He was born and raised on the south side of Columbus, Ohio.  He is the only one of fifteen children to ever Graduate High School.  Greg was living in a drug infested, alcoholic, and domestic violent  environment. Greg has overcome many obstacles and yet accomplished so much more.  Coming from a family of failures, Greg was always teased and labeled as a slow learner, he was asked to drop out of high school on his very first day, just because his twelve siblings dropped out before him.  He refused to drop out and graduated high school because of a loving teacher, he then attended The University of Florida. Greg pursued his Dreams, even though everyone around him laughed and called him "The Big Dreamer".  Greg became a Millionaire at a young age, he accomplished this through changing his mindset and becoming a Successful Entrepreneur  by owning three National Franchises and a Master Developer of one of them.  Greg was voted Business Person of the Year, he became an Award Winning National Motivational Speaker at the age of forty-eight.  Greg spoke at the Twitter/Periscope Summit in San Francisco California. "I speak all over the world and I have Never heard a better Inspiration Motivational Speaker like Greg "The Big Dreamer" Walker."- Murray Newlands of Forbes. Greg is also a Success Coach.  As an expert on Leadership & Success, he is known for his burst of excitement and allows his life to be an open book from which radiates dynamic and inspiring messages that many people across all barriers relate to.  Greg is known as "The Big Dreamer," "Changing Lives by Changing Minds!"  Greg will inspire you and your crowd to achieve all your Dreams or Visions.  "Life is too short, Take ACTION NOW!"

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